It is now my favourite part of the day because I am now going to review G13 Haze.

When I first looked at G13 haze I was surprised by its density and its strong smell, haze does not usually smell this strong (it also smells strong when smoking.) I believe the G13 haze I smoked was very well grown and its very expensive to buy (at least here in the UK where EVERYTHING is expensive but thats another story.)

Upon having a smoke on it I am amazed. It’s very hazy but full of other flavours a bit soapy and a bit skunky and very thick smoke. G13 is very strong and not really a good one to start on but for regular users that want something strong (as it gets) G13 haze is a must try. I would be interested in trying other versions of it.

I have to say its one of my all time favourites and one of the strongest I have tried. From now every skunk I smoke will be compared to G13 haze which is definitely one of the finest I have ever tried. Not really one for the day much better for the night time as it can make you feel tired also comes with slight paranoia.

I have always preferred haze to cheese and traditional skunks, I think they are tastier and more uplifting as soon as I hear “haze” I smile but G13 haze is now my favourite haze and weed that I have smoked and I will be lucky if anything beats it anytime soon.

G13 HAZE scores 9.4/10

Do you want me to review your weed email me at mikey.h.1980@googlemail.com

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