Latest Polls are suggesting that Theresa May despite her disastrous campaign and the Conservative Party are going to win by a landslide! I have to say I find it amazing that somebody that openly hates freedom as much as Theresa May does is a scary thought. Lets hope the polls are wrong because another five years of Conservative government is not something that I like to think about. I’m a realist and I am aware that Labour winning an election is not going to help me or make anything better instantly as if by magic but a Prime Minister that uses internet censorship as a selling point and is eager to “step up” the war on terror, that is backed by all the corporate media is a scary thought to me.

I genuinely do not like or trust Theresa May I honestly think she is psychotic and dangerous to her own people as well as foreigners. To all these people that are going to use their vote the way the media have told them to use their and vote Conservatives despite the Dementia Tax, Internet censorship, her hate for freedom and free speech and her war mongering mentality, what comes after is on them.

I admit Labour is an unknown and Tony Blair gave everybody the idea that there was no real difference between Conservatives and Labour because there was no real difference Corbyn appears to be different. But is he? If he is not voted in and not given a chance we will never know. If he is voted in and he turns out to be another red Tory Blairite, war mongering corporate whore the internet will annihilate him because he campaigned the way he did.

Theresa May’s campaigned horribly refusing to take part in the TV debates is disgraceful and should be enough to put anybody off voting for her. Her views on censorship and internet regulation are Stalin like and as usual its the poor, working classes and middle classes that she extorts while the corporations are left to carry on not paying taxes, employing people on zero hour contracts and to pay lame wages.

For me a vote for Theresa May is a vote for incompetence, propaganda, censorship and war. The media and the Conservatives have shamefully used the London and Manchester attacks as a way to put hate and fear into people while telling us stories like “a win for Corbyn is a win for terrorists” they are the terrorists and they are about to win by a landslide! Lets hope not.


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