Until recently I was a regular customer of the JobCentre Plus, fortunately for me I am no longer a customer of the JobCentre Plus as I now have a job, what do I do? This website and my YouTube channel is now not only my hobby and passion it is also my job, some people are not so lucky. Some people will struggle with no job for years, the people that struggle the most to find a job is the young, the uneducated and the poor.

But never fear, all over the JobCentre are leaflets offering our unemployed, sometimes desperate youth a opportunity to “BE THE BEST.” How do our youth “be the best?” Its simple according to leaflets at the JobCentre to be the best all we have to do is join the British army! How does blindly following orders, murdering people from poorer nations for profit and oil make you the best?

I believe that tactics like this to recruit people to the British Army are not so dissimilar from to the tactics that we are told are used by ISIS, how are they similar? Our youth are taken to school and carefully conditioned to see things the way the establishment want them to see things, our youth are mind controlled through the “weak performing” education system at school and then mind controlled by the Television at home. Before they leave school most children in Britain have unwillingly and unknowingly been indoctrinated. The British Army are hero’s fighting for our freedom against terrorists.

Years later the poor, desperate and mentally enslaved are struggling to find work and sick of living on as little as £53 per week and feeling like a useless outcast to society signing on weekly and being ordered around by the JobCentre, then he sees the leaflet “BE THE BEST JOIN THE BRITISH ARMY.” His brainwashed, patriotic pride that has carefully placed inside his mind kicks in, and before he knows it he is signing the contract once the contract is signed he becomes a bankers/politicians pawn. Risking his life to thieve, murder, steel and make profit for greedy businesses and governments.

The British and American Armies rely as much on brainwashing, mind control and indoctrinating the youth of their nations as any terrorist group do, why is that? For me the only explanation could be that the British and American armies are terrorists as well, if they were not terrorists they would not be rely on brainwashing and covering up their actions, surely if the British and American Army were real hero’s, the British and American governments would not be attacking Freedom of speech laws and Human Rights that date all the way back to the 12th century Magna Carta.

Also how can the British Army claim to be the best anyway, have you seen the North Korean Army? We were bailed out and saved in two World Wars by America, that does not sound like “the best.”

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