“Most British beggars are not asking for money because they are homeless – they’re spending the money on heroin and crack cocaine, a charity has said. Giving money to street beggars can kill them, Thames Reach warns  – and says that around 80% of beggars on the street don’t need money for accommodation. Mike Nicholas of homelessness charity Thames Reach says: ‘We want to educate the public – the main reason people are begging on the street is heroin and crack.”

The Metro (that shit propaganda filled newspaper that nobody would ever buy so they give people that use public transport.)

In the United Kingdom homeless people have faced numerous attacks of late, spikes put in shop windows and favourite sleeping spots, police harassment, no payment of benefits because people that do not have a fixed address (or need it the most) can not claim benefits and now we are being told to ignore them! Don’t give your money to them give your money to this business and this business will invest your money in to advertisements, paying wages, office space and whats left they’ll give to the homeless! How decent of them.

They speak as if EVERY homeless person is addicted to heroin or crack, how many people are blowing their wages on alcohol and coke? But they’ve earned the right to take their drugs?

Being homeless must be a stressful situation to find yourself in so is it any wonder that homeless people turn to alcohol, heroin and crack? The media have no concept of reality. “They’re all junkies” is the complete wrong attitude to have even if some are. Criminals that are defied as criminals based purely on their drug habits is a form of discrimination, these “charities” categorizing beggars as drug addicts does not only show a true lack of understanding of the situation these people have found themselves in, it also exposes their lack of compassion.

A homeless man spending the two pound I gave him on crack is not bad as as the executive of a homeless “charity” spending it on his car and lifestyle.


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