Do you remember when the system made us feel secure and safe? When we are young and taken and conditioned by school didn’t the world feel like a safe place? Somehow school and their conditioning not only makes us feel safe but they also seem to manage to convince us that the world is perfect or somehow at its peak. How many times did we hear “you’re lucky, you have rights, you have freedom” and all the rest of it? They tell us so much most of us believe it and they believe it because they want to believe it. It makes us feel more important and civilized but hiding in our civil society are truly twisted people that feed from our negativity towards our fellow people.

They feed from out ignorance, hate and fear and with the huge influence they have over their media and the masses being reduced to repeaters instead of freethinkers spreading their seeds of ignorance, hate and fear is easy. Even our “enemies” make use feel righteous because the media make people believe we only kill people that hate freedom, human rights and us. But its not true they kill families.

Our government act as the middle man in every sense including profit. We don’t have freedom and we live in a corporate dictatorship and this is mainly due to the direction the government has been taking us because who owns and controls governments with lobbying and dodgy deals, corporations. They don’t care about people they only care about profit in a way I guess a government always has to extort somebody so its faced with a choice, extort the rich and big businesses to fund to needs and wants of the many or extort the many to fund to needs and wants of the rich.

The choice seems obvious to most but the rich and big businesses have the money to lobby for what they want the people are forced to protest and then accused of being criminals for protesting.

So we end up in a dictatorship, like a prison but you can’t see the bars unless you look at them properly because the bars are no longer just bars or chains, they are now money, debt, survival but the results are the same as ever, we are their slaves.

I look around at many people and feel sorry for them because they have no idea, they accuse people of living in a dream when they are literally living in a dream. The only term I can think that truly describes them are the words “fast asleep” because that is what they are.

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