As many as 23,000 people have appeared on the radar of counter-terror agencies, according to new figures laying bare the scale of the potential threat.

In the wake of the Manchester suicide bombing it emerged that British authorities were grappling with 500 investigations into 3,000 individuals.

On Friday security sources confirmed to the Press Association a further 20,000 individuals were said to have been considered “subjects of interest” in the past, although the period the figures cover is unclear. READ FULL STORY @

I wonder who these 23000 “suspects” are and how fast the number of “subjects of interest” will grow? So far the Manchester attacks have lead to armed troops on our streets and with 23000 suspects does that sound like a green light for mass surveillance?

It’s so blatant they want us scared and angry but not at the government at the terrorist, Islam, Russia with each other and it still works for some. I’ve seen the racist comments in the comment sections of mainstream articles, many still fall for it. But the comments sections also show that many do not believe their shit anymore, they call them out and expose them as liars in their own comments sections, sometimes so much so the website deletes and disables the comments.

There is definitely more people that are aware of our governments real intentions than I have ever seen before obviously sometimes some zombie will cry “conspiracy theorist” or “nut job” but thats where their argument usually starts to disintegrate.

I don’t trust the government because they lie on a small scale everyday, why would somebody do that? Lie about everything, try to hide the truth and silence people? Usually because they are hiding something on the big scale. We still live in a age where not trusting proven liars and psychopathic murderers is considered to be “a bit nutty” but there is definitely much more “nut jobs” out there, I see them everywhere.