I know nothing other than the fact I know nothing and that makes me much more intelligent than somebody that thinks they know everything or anything! Does that make sense? I don’t know!

Knowledge is a strange thing and most of our “knowledge” is past on to us by teachers, parents and our surroundings but how much do they really know? Where did they get their “knowledge” from? Teachers get much of their “knowledge” from government approved books but how accurate are these books? I don’t know! Parents get their knowledge from experience of life and living and most will attempt to pass that knowledge on to their children but things change. Ideas that were once considered to be accurate can be proven wrong and ideas that were once considered radical and far fetched can be proven right.

For example it was common “knowledge” that Neanderthals were our ancestors nowadays they are not considered by most scientists to be our ancestors instead they are considered to be whole different species. Neanderthals and modern humans share 99.7% of their DNA but both modern humans and Neanderthals share 98.8% of their DNA with their closest non-human living relatives, the chimpanzees. So according to modern day science both modern humans and Neanderthals are more genitally similar to a chimpanzee than each other.

According to modern day science humans share 50% of our DNA with a banana and 90% with cats. WTF? Now I definitely know nothing.

Knowledge in most cases is not real it is actually a form of conditioning. Flat Earth is an argument that has gained much support in recent years along with the support comes the ridicule, I’m on the fence when it comes to this debate, why? Because I know nothing! I have never been in space and therefore I have never seen anything that could suggest the world is flat or round. What about NASA images of Earth skeptics ask? Its a good question and the first thing I thought when I heard the Flat Earth theory, so I researched it and the answer amazed me. Apparently NASA have never taken a distant picture of our planet (other than the moon landings and many people completely dismiss the moon landing as a hoax!) I know what you’re thinking, yes they have I have seen them, thats what I thought but apparently what NASA do is take multiple images and basically stick them together! Is that true I don’t fucking know!

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