Anybody that has voted in any of the recent elections will know that the polling stations do not provide pens, instead they provide pencils! I find this quite shocking as pencils are much easier to erase and tamper with. I know people could simply take their own pens but most wont, most will use the pencil provided.

The 2015 general election seen many people complain about the use of pencils and many stories of election fraud and rigging. There are always ways to manipulate election results and 2015 seen them all. From postal votes manipulation to a van carrying 200000 ballot papers stolen being stolen? So with all the will in the world there is always in way to manipulate the results.

But pencils being used instead of pens leaves open the possibility of ballot paper tampering a possibility that could be instantly destroyed with just one simple idea, pens.

I have always considered it strange that they choose to use pencil on something as important as voting and I was glad to see I am not the only one. In 2015 there were many complaints about the use of pencils and along with these complaints there were many accusations of election fraud and vote rigging. In fact so much so I collected a few online reports on the subject that can be read here .

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