Sky news reports….

Jeremy Corbyn is making a controversial return to election campaigning after the Manchester bomb attack with a speech blaming UK foreign policy for terrorism at home.

The Labour leader claims the so-called “war on terror” is not working and is promising a government led by him would change foreign policy so it fights rather than fuels terrorism.

But by choosing to talk about terrorism and linking it to UK support for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria he is certain to be accused by opponents of exploiting the Manchester atrocity.

Mr Corbyn has taken a calculated decision to resume Labour’s campaign not by returning to Theresa May’s social care u-turn or other domestic policies, but by speaking out on the sensitive issue of the Manchester Arena suicide bomb.

His opposition to UK involvement in overseas conflicts goes back decades and has put him at odds not just with Conservatives, but also many in his own party.

He was one of the leading opponents of the Iraq war and since becoming Labour leader has attacked UK intervention in Syria and suggested during this election campaign that he would refuse a NATO request for more troops. Read more

“A calculated decision?” This is News Corporation talking, owners of the Sun who hours after the attack printed a story that claim Jeremy Corbyn has blood on his hands due to his relations with the IRA, in fact they could him “IRA fan boys” at one stage and demanded Facebook do more to silence voters.

Sky news also reported

PM to urge action over online extremist content after Manchester attack

The Tory leader argues tech firms like Facebook, Google and Twitter are not doing enough to remove harmful material from the web.

Theresa May is to call on world leaders to step up pressure on internet companies to rid the web of extremist material in the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack.

The Prime Minister will tell the G7 group of leading industrial nations that the threat from Islamic State is evolving from the battlefield to the internet, as she accuses tech companies of not doing enough to remove harmful online material.

Mrs May will say that internet giants – the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter – have a social responsibility to do more to remove harmful content from their websites, including videos promoting hate, violence and terrorist activity. Read more here

Sky news do not accuse Theresa May of a calculated decision to use this terror attack to take our civil liberties, why does Theresa May have such a problem with Social media? Who is the material harmful to? Me? You? Or her and her rich puppet masters?

These people are simply exercising their right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. To have a Prime Minister that so openly and passionately hates freedom should be a scary thought to anybody.

Lucky for us Theresa May is not very likable, in fact shes horrible, she looks ill, stressed and baffled and everything she does seems to go completely wrong.

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