False flag are the new F words in Britain. Since the Manchester bombing many people including politicians and celebrities have come forward and suggested that the attack could be a false flag or at least questioned the timing of it. The media has ridiculed these people and dismissed these claims as conspiracy theories made up by fantasist’s. But even the most skeptical minded must acknowledge the timing of these attacks were convenient for the Conservative Party but not just the Conservative Party!

The Conservative party have been selling arms to Saudi Arabia and these weapons have been used in an equally sick, disgusting and cowardice manner on innocent people in Yemen because not all terrorism offends the Conservative Party, some of it they see as a necessity.

Jeremy Corbyn like Donald Trump (before he was elected) has been very critical of Saudi Arabia. The Independent on the 29th of April reported that “Labour will block the sale of weapons to repressive regimes if it wins the election”. This means Conservatives winning this election is not just important to the Conservative party (who support terror when it suits) but also to the Saudi Arabian government.

Its true that finding real evidence of a false flag is hard but finding evidence that rules out a false flag equally as hard. To rule something out without any consideration to the possibility seems foolish and to simply suggest the British government would not commit or advocate such crimes is ridiculous.

We’re talking about a government that has killed thousands of women and children in the Middle east over the last 15 years, a government that profits from and gains strength from war and fear, a government that has aided Saudi Arabia’s killing of civilians in Yemen, for me the question is not are they evil enough to kill innocent people to get what they want because they have proved they are, the question should be did know or play any part in this attack themselves?

To suggest that mentioning the words “false flag” is unhelpful and even stupid is unhelpful and stupid.

If somebody you know was found murdered and you financially benefited from that murder you would automatically be a suspect and investigated. Should the same rules apply when it comes to terrorism and terrorist attacks? Of course it should and anybody that says it isn’t is either deluded or even worse they have something to hide.