I have a few issues with Steemit, I believe its censoring its users, the flagging system is ridiculous and the payments rewards are a bit confusing and not very equal. It’s a shame about these issues because even with all of its flaws it still somehow manages to piss all over Google and YouTube and their ads when it comes to making money.

I know that is not much of a challenge, playing a recorder in Birmingham City Centre on a rainy Monday morning would probably make you money money than Google and YouTube and their ads. I have been on YouTube for over seven years and over them years I have had millions of views but received no more than £1000, I make more selling DVDs and Downloads on Amazon and I have made more from  less than one year than I make on YouTube in four years using Steemit. Steemit and for that I am grateful. In fact the money I have made from Steemit has relieved some pressure massively.

But the best thing about Steemit (at least for me) is that Steemit introduced me to Cryptocurrency, without Steemit, I would have no bitcoin and bitcoin is good it involves a bit of fucking around but once you have set it up it is very useful for lots of things, I am pretty impressed so far.

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