I have spent much of the last 7 years making videos many of which are political videos and are deliberately offensive (to some) and controversial. Over the coarse of the last 7 years I have noticed a huge attack on such videos, in short censorship is the governments only answer because they are wrong and oppressive. Many of the things that the so called “conspiracy theorists” were telling us are now being proved right.

I have over 26000 subscribers on YouTube yet political videos that are critical of the British government are now struggling to get 100 views!

I had thousands of Facebook followers and used Facebook regularly to share “controversial material” until Facebook closed my account (three times.)

Recently I began to share political blogs on political pages at first my Internet traffic was sky high through doing so, not anymore! Facebook simply hide my blogs at the bottom of the pages and instead of seeing thousands of hits I see nothing.

The point to blog is our government claim North Korea, Syria and other nations are oppressing their own people by using high levels censorship yet that is exactly what our own government are doing.

This censorship COMPLETELY undermines our right to vote and democracy. The corporate media is the only media the government want us to read because the corporate media is controlled, we do not have freedom or choice we have the illusion of freedom and choice.

The video below is an example of how YouTube hide “sensitive” material. The video has not even received 100 views yet despite the fact I have over 26000 subscribers because YouTube work with our government to oppress such opinions getting in to the mainstream.