Recently I have stopped smoking weed not a choice simply to broke to buy it. One of the side effects to not smoking weed is dreams…. I have had all kinds of dreams, weird, scary, funny and ridiculous dreams..

The other night (three nights ago) I dreamt I was in bed and I opened my eyes only to see this large green face staring at me. The face seemed to be on my ceiling and smiling at me. I tried to get up but I couldn’t, I tried to stick my finger up at him but I couldn’t even move my arms. The face smiled at me and looked evil and demonic even when smiling (not really a typical alien more like a ghost.)

I was completely paralyzed and scared but I was still trying to stick my finger up at it and I still couldn’t. I didn’t really think of aliens until I managed to turn my head, it was then I saw three or four strange slimy creatures. They seemed to be talking to each other though I could not hear any noise nor see their faces. I did however notice they had long arms and legs and looked very shiny and slimy.

Then a pulsing noise started and the noise got more and more intense and caused my head to have something between a spasm and electric shock when it was at its most loudest. I still could move and I just lay there watching them, trying to work out what the fuck was happening.

I’m not saying I was abducted by aliens and fortunately for me no anal probing happened they seem more interested in my head but the “dream” was weird and very scary and I hope not to experience anything like it again. I live on my own so I had nobody to turn to and woke up with no marks on me and felt fine. Just confused.

The face above is about the closest thing I could find to it on the Internet.


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