I make political (not only political but many are) videos. I have always been anti Conservative because I believe the Conservative party extort, thieve and even censor their own population. Despite many of my videos being anti conservative and anti Theresa May and David Cameron I have noticed I have faced a bit of a backlash for having the nerve to speak my mind!

I put the video on liveleak and I received a fair amount of backlash from that but that did not really surprise me, I mean have you seen some of the content on liveleak? Its sick and disgusting pro Conservatives would love it!

I also added the video on my YouTube channel (three times so far this is due to censorship of YouTube, despite the fact I have over 26000 subs my view count has struggled to get over 50 views each time.) Even a few of my YouTube subscribers have expressed anger at me criticizing and attacking the Conservative party! Why you subbed? I have been doing this for years? I don’t mind losing a few subs its not about how many subs we get its about who we get and I don’t particularly want Conservative minded hypocrites as my subscribers anyway, so in the famous words of Manuel bye bye please!!

I am shocked and even amazed by the amount of people defending and telling me that they will vote the Conservatives. Well feel free but what comes after that is on people like you! When you need benefits or the NHS don’t moan, thats what you voted, When you are skint and being extorted while corporations are not paying tax stfu this is what you wanted. We all know what they do but we still vote for them anyway? It amazes and shocks me. Perfect example below.

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