I have been meaning to write this blog for a while but the subject is so boring I keep putting it off! I use EE on pay as you go for my mobile phone, at first glance the tariffs on EE seem reasonable 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 2gb for £15 a month is not bad for pay as you go thats what prompted me to choose EE over other networks. Unfortunately as with most things these big businesses do things are not always as they appear. Today for example I put five pound on my phone and buy “unlimited minutes and texts” for a week, as shown below the reason they offered me this cheap deal is because I have topped up three times this month!

Brilliant I thought, I have some important calls to make tomorrow and now I don’t have to worry about being put on hold for hours at a time as the Department of Work and Pensions always do. I make two short calls half way through the last call I make my phone begins to blip and my “unlimited minutes” disappear! As shown below.

This sort of shit happens all the time on EE yet when I try to call their customer services I can not get through due to a 25 pence charge they have on it! I know what you are thinking just add 25 pence to your credit unfortunately the minimum top up on EE is £5, which means I have to put on five pound to make a 25 pence call! The point I am trying to subtly make is EE (who also own T MOBILE and ORANGE) are thieving, extorting scum!

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47 Replies to “My MOBILE PHONE NETWORK are thieves…. EE, T mobile and Orange.”

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