It’s time to fight the time has come to riot fuck being calm and fuck being quite, we are under attack from terrorists we got to fight back, these terrorists are not from North Korea, Syria or Iraq it’s time to look closer to home than that.

These terrorists are in our media at the Sun and the BBC these terrorists are all over our newspapers and portrayed as hero’s on TV, these terrorists call people extremists because they have the nerve to disagree, they extort their own population while corporation’s go tax free.

Unlikable smug parasites, disgusting and greedy, money driven, hypocrites, corrupt and sleazy.

Jeremy Hunt is a murderer just like Iain Duncan Smith, David Cameron was puppet and Boris Johnsons a rambling prick, this country has an illness it’s seriously fuckin sick, I find it to believe that people fuckin voted for this.

NHS cuts, MPs expenses and stopping peoples benefits, people ending up dead after they were declared fit to work while billionaires making millions without doing shit. Biased media is an understatement they are blatantly working with, the corrupt, parasites the greedy and the rich, the aristocracy, monarchy and the Conservatives at the same they’re time pushing for internet censorship.

Theresa May disses the appearance of Jeremy Corbyn, she probably has a mirror that she don’t ever look in because if she fuckin did she wouldn’t do that, she walks around like disgusting cheap, old slag.

She covers up corruption and protects rich paedophiles, a war mongering financial fascist, she hides behind fake smiles but when confronted by real people she runs for fuckin miles, shut your fuckin legs old bitch because that smell is fuckin vile.

Its corporate spunk, she is corporate spunk dump propaganda and junk seeping out in yellow and red gunk you might not like what I say but you can’t debunk.


188 Replies to “Vote Conservative??? errrr no thanks (THIS VIDEO WILL BE HIDDEN) FREE DOWNLOAD”

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