With the elections coming up in June Theresa May has started campaigning and by campaigning I mean hiding from local people and local media in Cornwall, denying money laundering accusations, shouting catchphrases like “strong and stable,” trying to get of TV debates and making a general fool out of herself. I have to be honest I did not believe Jeremy Corbyn had a chance of ever winning an election but I am starting to change my mind. Polls are showing the Tories are losing votes and despite the Internet Censorship they enforce and the pro Conservative media they appear to be in trouble.

Why are they in trouble? I think Jeremy Corbyn is brilliant and I hope he wins and does what he says he is going to do, but I don’t believe that is the only reason for his rising popularity so far. Theresa May can not even pretend to be nice, she is just horrible, she comes across of being horrible she is so unlikable. I have honestly seen more likable creatures crawling on dog faeces at my local park. Than we have Boris Johnson rambling on calling names in the background like a lunatic with his hair all over the place, like he has just been let out of a mental asylum and heavily drugged for his own safety and the safety of the people around him.

Then we have Jeremy Hunt and his smug face as he talks of privatizing the NHS, between them the Conservative Party really are a bunch of unlikable, war mongering, snobs and corporate whores. Their corruption and regardlessness to law should not be underestimated, there were many claims of election rigging circulating during the last election and it will be the case in this one. The Corporate media will continue to do all it can to cover up the truth (only Russia Today have reported the money laundering so far) because the corporate media (like any corporation) does not want to see their tax bills rise steeply.

Despite Internet censorship and Conservative biasedness online and the corporate media attacking him daily I now¬†believe Jeremy could win. How can somebody vote for a person that is unwilling to argue her point on TV debates? If Theresa May’s¬†argument is so weak that she is unwilling to defend or explain it, then how can you justify a vote for her?

I am of the opinion that Theresa May is not only unelectable but she should be in prison along with half of her party, war crimes, a copious amounts of corruption, a genuine hate for human rights and freedom should result in her losing her freedom. If Jeremy Corbyn can win an election maybe we might be able to hold these people accountable (including Tony Blair and David Cameron) for their crimes against their own people as well as the people abroad that they massacred (in Syria, Libya, Afganistan and Iraq.)