Somebody asked me the other day “Why should the government pay for our benefits, health care and housing?” I find it embarrassing that I should have to explain this to an adult but I feel like I should..

The reason I believe that the government should take care of people is pretty confusing. I don’t believe we should even have a government! But I do understand that most people like the idea of government, it makes them feel secure and protected I believe its actually false security but if we must have a government we should do all that we can to ensure that the government and system that we have looks after the people that need it most, or whats the point in them?

I hate when people say shit like “you would be lying on a side walk in your own filth if it were not for the government” its bullshit and what about the people lying in a shop window? How come the government didn’t help them?. How does having somebody constantly demanding shit from you help anybody? Get a job, pay your rent, pay your taxes, pay for your water, pay for food just pay, pay fucking pay. Pay for your electric and gas, pay three times as much on a meter if your poor, pay your TV license, pay your Internet bill, your bank charge, VAT, road tax, insurance, parking fine and your national insurance.

If the government and corporations are going to make money on everything and still prevent million of people from living a decent standard of life, than what is the point of them? They make a lot of money in taxes so much so that politicians can afford second homes, duck houses, gardeners, cleaners, £70 breakfasts and that is just on their expenses. Yet nurses relying on food bank to feed themselves is a “complex” matter according to Theresa May! There really is nothing complex about it. The truth is corporate tax evasion and low taxes for the rich, MPs wages and expenses, nuclear weapon programs, the monarchy and war are considered much better investments of your money than living standards, education, health care and benefits.


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