These blogs got me reported to the police!!



I live in a posh nice Tory Constituency called Church Stretton (under Ludlow Constituency)! After spending 35 years of my life in oppressed Wolverhampton I believed that moving my family away from the city was the best thing I could do for them, so I did, and I was wrong!

Church Stretton is a place of CONSERVATIVE, IGNORANT, SNOBS that seem to believe that their wealth makes them more important than the rest of the country. For example Church Stretton library was kept open after locals protested to keep it open, Church Stretton Swimming baths also now looks to be spared from the Conservative cuts that these people voted for. Obviously Wolverhampton (a city that voted against the cuts and the Conservatives) and lots of other cities and surrounding towns lose their libraries, swimming baths and youth clubs/schemes but they are not Conservative constituencies.

As if this is not bad enough rich kids also have Young Farmers, a charity dedicated to keeping little rich white boys busy, they take them Bowling, Cinemas, Ice skating and all sorts, I know what your thinking, whats wrong with that? Monday I was in Birmingham City Center, I seen people sleeping in shop windows even kids and teenagers! Yet these spoiled little RICH KIDS are being given charity and youth schemes?

What about charity for those that actually need charity? the homeless, the poor and the oppressed? What about youth schemes for poor kids that live in oppressed areas and often turn to drugs?


Church Stretton’s pubs have kids working in them to allow the kids to earn extra cash and save the pub a fortune on wages, holiday and sick pay despite the fact the pubs charge nearly £20 for steak and chips!. It would not happen Birmingham and Wolverhampton pubs and with good reason but the law should apply nationwide nobody anywhere should be above it. Drink driving is also overlooked around here, in fact I have hardly seen a police car or a policemen the whole time I have lived here!

These people from Church Stretton and similar rich rural towns vote police state, oppression and robbery but do not live in the police state, oppression and robbery they voted for.

One thing will always be the same these rich white boys will have more money than the average city person but no balls, we scare the shit out of these rich white boys, with their idiot ticks on their trainers and country mansions. One day city people will be so hungry the only thing left to eat will be these flabby bellied rich country boys.


Recently I written two blog’s explaining and exposing the fact that Young Farmers also known as the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs or NFYFC is a pointless rip off, a charity/youth scheme for rich kids in a country that is full of poverty. It might sound hard to believe to you Conservative country bumpkins but try stepping into the cities and the outskirts and will you witness much poverty if you care to look.

These blogs have offended some young farmers, again I apologize! I’m sorry you’re so FUCKING stupid. If it makes you feel any better I am offended nearly every time I read mainstream media and charities set up by over privileged pricks for over privileged pricks really offends me. They cater for people up to 26 years old!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT? Grow the fuck up dick heads. I have even been told that I have been reported to the county head quarters of Young Farmers! Good, have a good read pricks.

Today was warned by a young farmer that Young Farmers have guns! And I should watch my mouth when I speak against them! HAHAHAHAHA, LOL and all the rest of it….

Yeah they got guns but they got no balls! The only thing these guns have ever killed is probably a cute little Rabbits, Badgers and Foxes (FASCIST, RACIST CONSERVATIVE BASTARDS LOVE KILLING ANIMALS AND FOREIGNERS,) unfortunately for them I am not a cute little Rabbit, Badger or Fox! And silly threats from over privileged, over feed and over weight white boys and girls do not scare me, in fact they make me laugh. I’m from Wolves, a place where people have guns designed to kill people not cute bunny rabbits!

Blog 3


I have two children (and two former step children from a previous relationship that hate me) my children are young and I have hope that one day they will grow into strong minded independent people.

Unfortunately I also see and understand how hard it can be for children to reach their full potential. We have a terrible education system that programs instead of teaches, the entertainment industry is corrupt and corruptive to say the least and I feel that children face a massive challenge in staying independent, creative and ambitious.

What I find most concerning is the drinking mentality that our children inherit, that may sound hypocritical from somebody that smokes cannabis on a daily basis but I believe cannabis and alcohol are two very different experiences. For example when smoking cannabis we can still walk, talk and think (no matter how much we smoke) its very different when we are consuming alcohol. I wonder how many arrests, fights, bad night stands and even death cannabis causes daily, not a lot I would not have thought.

That is definitely not the case with alcohol, alcohol makes people fat, stupid and incapable of even basic thinking and tasks.

So why are they so keen to push this negative mentality/drug on to our youth? By they I mean the entertainment industry, schools, society in general and sometimes even parents, in the case of parents I believe misguided ignorance of the real dangers of alcohol is much the cause. But the political elite see how much money the alcohol industry is worth and the fact that alcohol makes people stupid (both long term and short term) and therefore easier to control.

The NFYFC or National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs also pass this stupefying mentality on to our youth, in fact just this weekend the local to me NFYFC took the local kids to a dance, 16 year olds were allowed to enter this dance but not allowed to buy alcoholic drinks! Everybody else however could buy alcohol a bit disturbing when we think 26 is the maximum age for to be a young farmer and this particular dance had no age limit and there was probably a vast array of other drugs bought in by clubbers because it was a Saturday night and a nightclub! I see this sort of action as businesses (in this case charities because the NFYFC has the nerve to call itself a charity) pushing dangerous drugs on to people that are not even legally old enough to drink. In my opinion this sort of action sounds sinister on many levels, why do you want 16 year olds there? I bet I can think of a reason! I know we as a society are not so obsessed with age gaps anymore because love is love (as long as its legal and involving two adults or at least two over 16s) but this sort of an event could lead to a 16 year old ending up drunk (somebody will get them drinks) and took advantage of. As I am sure the organizers of the NFYFC know.

If the NFYFC (who I have heard some pretty disturbing stories from but they are not my stories to tell lucky for the NFYFC because if they were I would be telling them) are going to allow 16 year olds at events they should get rid of the drugs EVEN THE LEGAL ONES because they are still drugs that kill thousands of people weekly they should also operate as a business not a charity.

I believe that parents should unite against this negative mentality that is pushed on to our youth because its in the interest of our youth, we would not allow drug dealers to act this way and the punishment would be harsh if they did so why allow businesses to act this way?

The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs have blocked me from commenting on their Facebook page feel free to tell them what you think about this corrupt thieving, drug and alcohol pushing “charity” Facebook the page links are below post them this blog if you wish. These images are taken from a “charity calendar” made by the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs.

Or you can phone them on 07837995659.

The age to be part of this “charity” is 10 to 26! It cost £25 membership per year plus whatever they are charging for events £10 for bowling, they take under 18s to nightclubs and pubs and rip the idiots off as they do it in the name of charity!

Google are using advertising as a way to censor the Internet in the past they made me remove a YouTube video image exposing animal cruelty. I removed the image but put to a link to the video last time, this time I refuse to change anything.

National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs actually threatened to shoot me and called the police about me just for blogging about them!

My views and opinions on young farmers, charities for rich kids, Conservative constituencies and the upper class in general seems to have upset and offended some people, to these people I apologize, I’m sorry that you are so ignorant!

I had a former young farmer insisting that Young Farmers (a charity for over privileged conservative rich white boys and girls) do lots of charity work that helps the homeless, the poor and the oppressed, well fucking done how big of you! Where would they be without your generosity?

I have a few questions and observations however, questions and observations like; Instead of charity why don’t we alter the system so that people do not need charity? Instead throwing spare change at poor people and charities when your pocket and bank accounts are full of cash, why not change the way you think? How can a place or organization claim to care about people but then vote for a government that deliberately oppress, extort the poor and hand tax cuts to the rich?

When you posh country bumpkins are looking at fields of sheep and lovely scenery people in the city are looking at police harass and abuse the homeless that you claim to care about. If you rich spoiled white boys and girls really care then why do you vote the Conservatives?

Two reasons as far as I can see genuine ignorance and not giving a fuck about anyone or anything other than themselves.

Do you get upset or offended by our governments mouth piece we call our media attacking the poor, homeless and immigrants? Of course not but you do get offended and upset when you are faced with attacks on your ignorant lifestyles, you get offended by criticism of a Conservative run corporate sponsored “charity” how dare we little people attack you well fuck you. You are no better than the people that are being attacked and oppressed on a daily basis by our media so when you get a bit back you should SHUT THE FUCK UP and take it like we have too. You don’t like me? GOOD that means I am hitting the intended audience.

That goes for all the over privileged wimpy white boy and girl Young farmers, the organizers of this so called charity and to anyone else that thinks they are better than anybody else based on circumstances, luck and financial comfort.

Make poverty history instead of government policy.

Below we see Scottish poverty…

BOW, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 21: A woman walks past a residential development in the London borough of Tower Hamlets on February 21, 2013 in London, England. A recent study has shown that 42 per cent of children in Tower Hamlets live in poverty, making it the worst area of the UK for child poverty. The research was carried out by the ‘Campaign to End Child Poverty’ who have produced a map describing levels of child poverty across the UK. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Below is lovely Church Stretton, not much poverty in this Conservative safe seat but lots of ignorance….

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