For the first time in my adult life Labour has a leader that really does seem to believe in the people, an old style labour leader comparable to Tony Benn or even Clement Atlee, obviously we could yet be proved wrong but that will not happen if Jeremy Corbyn is not given a chance. The reason I believe it is essential to vote for Jeremy Corbyn is simple, he speaks MORE sense then anybody in the whole Conservative Party. That’s why Theresa May does not want to do the TV debates against him.

I genuinely believe a vote for the Conservatives is a insult to the poor and working classes the Conservatives have spent the last seven extorting and ignoring. It may be the case that we do not know what we are getting with Jeremy Corbyn but we know exactly what we will be getting if Theresa May wins.. More war, more austerity, more cover ups and more corruption, greed and thievery. The Conservatives keep telling us that Labour are undecided and the Conservatives are strong and stable, they know what they stand for. And she is right the Conservatives are more united than Labour but they stand united and decided on issues like more war, nuclear weapon programs, selling the NHS, austerity, cutting public services including schools and letting corporations pay no tax.

They are selling us austerity, attempting to privatize the NHS because of the high cost of running yet claiming hundreds of thousands on their expenses per year at the same time of paying for Trident and war in Syria. Whats more is they speak about Jeremy Corbyn as if HE IS RIDICULOUS!

If Jeremy Corbyn can win this election and start implementing a fair tax on corporations it would surely be a good thing for the citizens of the United Kingdom. It would not be good for corporations and that is why the corporate media spend so much of their time attacking Jeremy Corbyn and Propagating Theresa May, they don’t want to pay tax, save that for the working classes.

I struggle to see why anybody would vote Conservatives unless they are rich, stupid or both, the working and poorer classes massively outnumber the rich which means we decide. It is important you do not let the corporate media decide for you because the corporate media will decide to vote the party that works best for them.

The Conservatives seem to think they own us, they are only happy when you are working your ass off like for minimum wage their little slaves..

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