I very rarely watch TV or mainstream media but recently I went to visit family and had no Internet which meant I was subjected to watching the BBC, Sky News and reading the “newspapers” version of the news. Because according to the mainstream media in the UK the real news seems to be the Conservatives are the only real option and Jeremy Corbyn is an idiot as is anybody that supports him or plans on voting for him!

Sky News and the BBC (funded for by the people as are the government) are using shocking levels of propaganda for the Conservatives and against Jeremy Corbyn. I was watching Sky News discuss the newspaper headlines on Saturday night and was genuinely shocked by the biasedness that Sky News show when discussing politics on their shit channel. There where two people giving their opinions one was blatantly pro Tory and the other was a “Labour voter that did not believe Labour were worth voting anymore mainly due to Jeremy Corbyn!” How does he work that out? Because Labour have moved away from being the Red Tories they became known as they are not electable? If people wanted the Tories they would vote the Tories at least Jeremy Corbyn does seem to offer a genuine alternative.

Jeremy Corbyn speaks up for the working class that the Conservatives attack and extort, he talks about affordable housing, social equality, food bank, corporate tax evasion, war crimes committed by our elected governments and allies. Theresa May on the other hand talks about Britain’s nuclear weapons program, she speaks up for corporations, big businesses, her lobby masters and the rich.

The mainstream media ask “can we trust Labour with the economy?” I ask “can we trust the Conservatives with our schools, the NHS, public services, can we trust them with anything?” This is a party that overwhelmingly voted to silence whistle blowers exposing elitist paedophile rings and have an History of Riots against them and propaganda for them FFS.

On paper Jeremy Corbyn is an obvious vote yet most polls seem to be predicting a landslide victory for the Conservatives. I think Jeremy Corbyn is suffering from the huge lack of trust we as a nation have in politicians, we are so used to hearing them talk shit many people believe Jeremy Corbyn is just another one of them liars and money governed corrupt politicians that would argue black is blue for a few quid. And maybe he is, I don’t know but I know Theresa May definitely is.

Jeremy Corbyn should be elected because he has the better policies for the vast majority of people in Britain, he seems to want to take money from the rich to help the poor unlike Theresa May she just wants to carry on funding tax evasion and wars.

I honestly believe it would be a dark day if Britain allows somebody as oppressive as Theresa May and the Conservatives to win an election against somebody like Jeremy Corbyn who does seem to care and address real issues that effect real people. Will Corbyn even stay true to his word and fight for the people? I don’t know but I do believe he should be given the chance.


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