Today Theresa May stunned Westminster by demanding a snap general election on 8 June that she hopes will turn her party’s clear lead in the opinion polls into a healthy parliamentary majority and secure her vision for Brexit, which seems to be to turn the UK into a tax free zone for corporations and carry on extorting the working classes and ignoring the poor.

I believe that this election is a perfect opportunity for the British people to rid our nation of these corporate puppet parasites but lets be honest it will probably not happen. Not because Theresa May has better policies or ideas than Jeremy Corbyn but because Theresa has millionaire lobbyists and the mainstream media to help her. Not only that she and her party also relies on and implies harsh censorship on anybody that does not support her!

On her Easter Sunday speech to the nation she claimed that Britain should use Christian values to function as a country, I agree with her but obviously do not believe her. Real Christian values is based around the beliefs of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ told us to help the poor yet the Conservatives actually spend most of their time extorting the poor and feeding the rich.

I would love to see Jeremy Corbyn win this election because I believe he is the real deal but I understand he has a huge fight on his hands. He is fighting against the pro Conservative British media, Aristocrats and the rich in general as well as Great British Ignorance and snobbishness. His supporters are censored and silenced so how can anybody claim that is election will be fair anyway?

I believe it is up to the poor to vote because if the poor do turn out in numbers and vote for the people who really represent them Corbyn would win by a landslide. Unfortunately the poor do not tend to vote so no matter how fair and balanced Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas are he is still up against it.

The middle classes and the upper classes are not going to vote for fairer taxes because fairer taxes would end up costing them money so its up to the poorer classes to vote for fairer taxes.

America voted Donald Trump to the surprise of nearly everybody unfortunately he seems to be another puppet to corporations and Israel, Corbyn has made it clear he is ANTI Israel and ANTI corporate greed as well as anti Saudi Arabia, therefore I believe he should be given a chance to change the direction of our nation for the better and his policies are (at least on paper) much closer to real Christian values than Theresa May’s. She oppressed the truth about Britain’s paedophile elite, she is another pro Royalist, pro Aristocratic puppet so without trying to sound overly biased (like the mainstream media are) I say VOTE CORBYN before we end up with another Margret Thatcher in power.

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