I make a very small profit from doing what I do, I am hoping that profit will grow in the future as I add more videos without copy-written music but unfortunately for me that is not good enough for the HMRC ( the ridiculously corrupt Her Majesty Customs and revenue.) I sell DVDs but this has been hampered by Facebook banning me on multiple accounts therefore selling on Facebook (the most effective method of selling) is out of the question. Before people critisize the small profit I make they should consider that corporations like Starbucks, Twitter and many other also claim to make NO PROFIT in the UK and therefore not only pay NO TAX but even receive government grants to help them.

Like millions of people in Britain my small profit meant I was relying on working tax credits to top up my money. Unfortunately for me and my family HMRC reacted badly and unprofessionally to me exposing MPs and paedophile rings within the elite and completely stopped all working tax credits they were paying me!

I understand that not all of my subscribers can afford to or wish to pay or support me financially for my work, sharing my blogs or videos is also very helpful but to those that can afford it I ask you to consider either donating to me via paypal (the link is on my website) or supporting via Patreon. Address is  https://www.patreon.com/wolvoman80 PayPal link is at http://wolvoman80.co.uk or my Paypal email is mikey.h.1980@googlemail.com. Thank you for the support I have received in the past, with donations I would be able to invest in making better quality videos and hopefully stop depending on HMRC to top my money up.

I have literally received no payment from working tax credits for well over ten weeks and even had to depend on borrowing money from family members including my Nan. It is degrading and embarrassing and without support I will be forced to stop making these videos (which I love to do.)



Their website shows that I am entitled to working tax credit.
Yet they have decided not to pay me anyway.
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