I make documentaries for my YouTube channel, these documentaries have received millions of views around the world and I am thankful and quite proud of that. The subject matter of my videos are (nearly always) controversial, too controversial for YouTube and due to this my videos have been hidden, censored, removed, muted and I have only made about £500 pound for over seven years work on YouTube! Selling DVDs on Amazon makes me more but still nowhere near enough to live on. I am not money obsessed but we all know money controls this world unfortunately.

Sometimes my videos offend people (they are meant to in some cases) and some people take it to the level of literally threatening me because of my videos, I guess some people just hate the truth, these people do not bother me at all, fuck em.

I am also very thankful for all the support and well wishes I have received over the years (thank you, you know who you are.) I put a lot of work into making these videos but despite the effort I put into these videos are not always perfectly presented. This has led to some people (that claim to support me) moaning about the quality of my videos. They used to moan about the picture quality which led to me taking much more time trying to find better images/video clips to use for my videos a pretty easy problem to solve.

Recently though some people have moaned about the sound quality as well, one person offered a donation, thank you for that. I do not mind criticism as long as it is constructive with the intention of helping me, unfortunately some people are just offensive. How do I say this without being offensive as well? I don’t particularly care if you love or hate my videos! And I NEVER ask for opinions, some people are quick to tell me their opinions anyway! “The music is too loud” or “The music is shit” some people tell me. I add the music to cover up what I consider an irritating hissing noise my (cheap and not professional) recording equipment makes.

If this music or low sound quality does bother you so much, don’t watch it. I don’t give a fuck, I make no money from your views anyway. Don’t moan at me about it. Unfortunately I am not a corporation using professional equipment and hundreds of people to make these videos, they are NOT perfect. They are sometimes shit quality because EVERYTHING is made and mixed by me using only basic software. I think of it like this HBO, History Channel, the BBC will give you HD pictures and perfect sound but NO TRUTH unless the truth suits, I will give you the truth as I see it. You could try watching it on a different device (if you wish) or changing the audio setting on whatever device you are watching it on.

Instead of moaning you could donate! This would allow me to invest into some much needed new equipment which would mean better quality videos. I guess what I am saying is moaning and complaining does not help me or my cause. It just pisses me off, donating or purchasing my DVDs would help me and help my videos improve, so put up or shut up!


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