We live in a society that seems to thrive on looking down at people, why? I believe people do this to make themselves feel higher, better and more important than others. The homeless, the poor and the desperate are constantly attacked and called lowlifes, bums and all sorts instead of receiving help. Prostitutes are treated the same, they are treated as if they are disgusting subhumans and literally looked upon as if they are merely pieces of shit, I don’t really understand why! “It’s degrading” they say and yes it is.

Having said that I believe that our society is a society of prostitutes. Obviously selling your body to people that have more money than yourself is degrading but before you begin to flatter yourselves with this high horse mentality ask yourself; why do they do this? I do not believe that most people wanted to end up in this degrading line of work. It’s lack of opportunity, support and education that causes women to turn to prostitution. The system that is supposed to help them and look after them has failed them. Not because of a lack of funding but because the governments would rather pay for corporate tax evasion, war, nuclear weapon programs, funding rich aristocrats and there own expenses and wages.

It’s easy to criticize people that find themselves in situations that force them to consider doing things that most people would not want to do, but that does not make it right in fact its pure ignorance.

Yes selling your body to people on the street is degrading but selling your time and sometimes your life to rich corporations is equally as degrading and some people (including me) see this as just another form of prostitution.




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