Some people I know keep telling me they hate me!!! But do they really hate me??? In this case yes! But why??? Is it my violence it could be except I am not a violent person. Is it because of my cruelty or lack of empathy? I’m not cruel and I fight for the oppressed and myself and nobody else. I think they hate my willingness to tell them a few unheard, unsugarcoated truths! Like Plato once said; Nobody is hated more than the man that speaks the truth.

See in this case the people that tell me they hate me are in my eyes pathetic scared sheep, selfish, self and image obsessed fuckin freaks so desperate to fit in to our fucked up society! They care more about their equally as selfish friends then they do their own family, even their little brothers and sisters mean shit to them but money obsessed and money grabbing businesses that love the contents of their purses are worshiped, followed and pathetically sucked up to as are schools, colleges and all authority figures.

These people will stick up for themselves against me but when somebody verbally attacks them behind their backs they simply put their tales between their legs and cry like the scared little puppies they are. I say what I want to face to peoples faces or I put my name and face to it so all can see or read, these people viciously attack each other but only when the person they are talking about is not in the room. They are two faced, lying, fake, selfish hypocrites.

  I put my face and name to all I say and I say what I want when I want how I want you don’t like me??? FUCKING GOOD, there is a huge list of people that feel the same, go add your name to it!!!

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