The other day I write a blog explaining that HM Revenue and Customs move at a snail pace when it comes to sorting out money that they owe, at the same time they hand out extortionate fines when we are late with our tax returns, even one day late can lead to a fine of one hundred pound.

Today I had the pleasure and by pleasure I mean painful, irritating experience of having to deal with these parasites again. This time they wanted all of my documents to prove that I am indeed a self employed blogger/video maker, so that I can prove that I am entitled to working tax credits (about £60 per week.) They wanted bank statements, Paypal information, sales Information and much more, I keep all my information on my computer so I did not believe that this was going to be a problem, I was wrong of course.

I agree to send all the information via email immediately, this is obviously quicker and easier than post and my printer is all out of ink so waiting for new ink to come could take days. I am informed that HM Revenue and Customs do not accept emails!! Why the fuck not, it’s 2017 FFS? It’s just too easy and they seem to like to make life as awkward as possible for people.

In April I will have to do this all over again for my tax returns, when I inform them that I am recording the conversation she informs me that she will have to terminate the call! They can record conversations, spy on us with Internet surveillance and monitor every single payment that we receive but they don’t like it when we do it back.

This means that sorting out my working tax credits could literally take weeks, the letter they sent out to me contained no free post envelope and last time I posted information to them they claimed they did not receive it, I did not believe them. They literally think they own the place.

In the last twelve months they have claimed that I owed them thousands of pounds which I did not, I recorded that conversation and put it on my YouTube channel a couple of weeks later they send me a letter out admitting they was wrong and I owed them NOTHING, like I knew I did not.

I genuinely believe they do not wish to pay me this mainly due to the nature of my blogs/videos. They make up the rules but they hate it when we take advantage of them.

I have sent them what I could without using a printer but I am sure it will not be good enough for them and they wonder why we say FUCK THE SYSTEM, FUCK HM REVENUE and CUSTOMS and most of all FUCK THE GOVERNMENT.

Do our politicians face this kind of scrutiny when claiming for second homes, £80 breakfasts, duck houses and gardening on their expenses of course not.

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