We live in a fast world, a world of fast food, fast cars, fast money, fast women, fast deliveries, fast broadband, fast diet plans everything seems to be so fast. One thing that does not work so fast is the British government! I claim working tax credit and I have for about two years recently I have been forced to change my circumstances something I first attempted to do online but the fact that they do not have the necessary forms in PDF and downloadable form online and it would have taken “up to two weeks to come through by post” I was forced to phone them in hope of speeding up the process. When I called them I expected the switch to be quick and simple after all the change is not a massive change, I am still claiming working tax credit just as a single individual as a opposed to a couple (the way I was claiming before.)

I give all the necessary information like my earnings, my address, National Insurance number and so on and change the information quickly and swiftly. Just before the end of the conversation I am informed that the changes take up to five weeks to process during this time I will receive no payments of working tax credits!

I find this amazing considering all the forms for declaring tax to them are easily accessible online in PDF form and when we want too (or need to because nobody wants too) pay tax it is done with one simple click of a button and taken out the same day.

Isn’t that convenient for them, it takes them up to five weeks to pay us yet we can pay them in five minutes.

As a last resort I decide to apply for a emergency loan I go on to there website and answer all the questions that are asked, they ask how much I need and I request £300. After filling in the questionnaire I am informed that a decision takes up to ten working days, not very fast considering it’s an “emergency loan.”

I am 99% sure I will not get it anyway so the whole procedure is probably all a massive waste of time like our government.