Has anybody else noticed that YouTube do not count views properly? They under count views on videos that they do not wish you to watch. Google are completely untrustworthy and the Internet is desperate for a decent alternative to YouTube. I know this is true because I regularly share my videos using services like Mailchimp and Facebook’s buy and sell pages, Facebook also blatantly hide posts they do not agree with or do not like as well as close accounts for no apparent reason.

If I share my site using Mailchimp it will bring literally hundreds of people to my site yet if I share YouTube videos using Mailchimp the view count on YouTube stays still literally no views counted despite Mailchimps stats showing hundreds of clicks. Google and Facebook do seem to have a vendetta against the truth, they hate it. To be honest if I was Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin or Larry Page I would probably hate the truth as well because the truth is Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt are disgusting, inbreed prostitutes! They are whores to the establishment, CIA, FBI, MI5 and their corporate partners of course and they look as disgusting as they act.

Google do not completely delete these views of course because if they were to do that they would lose advertising revenue, they simply pass the video views to their corporate partners. How else do you think talentless shit puppets like Justin Bieber, Adele and that ginger freak Ed Sheeran and many other get billions of views? Fake view counts of course.

They take views from real people and pass them to their parasitic corporate partners like Vevo.


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