Reptilian Overlords?

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high placesEphesians 6:12  

Millions of people on the Internet are convinced that Reptilian shapeshifters rule our planet. They are believed to put themselves in positions of power like government and monarchy in an attempt to control the human race. The theory was made popular but not actually started by David Icke and is usually ridiculed and dismissed as lunacy by most but not everybody, including me!

I’m not saying I believe it or know it to be true but I do believe it to be scientifically plausible and weirdly backed up by many ancient writings, I am not going to go in to detail now but I do have multiple videos on the subject on my YouTube Channel. The snake in Genesis is the most well known and recognized in the Western World but it the story of strange reptilian beings does feature in many maybe even most cultures and religions.

I suppose the only way we could know it to be true is actually seeing one shapeshift or something (even then we may question ourselves.) There are thousands of YouTube videos showing ‘reptilian shapeshifters’ or ‘reptilian eyes’ the trouble is the quality of the video is usually very low and even though some footage can be interesting what we witness is usually very subtle. Then we have the problem of the authenticity of the footage, it is very easy to fake footage nowadays and this leads to extra confusion on the subject like it does the subject of UFOs.

I find the subject to be fascinating to say the least. I also believe the rise popularity of the theory over the last few years exposes the fact that our rulers, governments, politicians and hierarchies have become alien to us.

We struggle to relate to them and their ideologies and we have no trust in them whatsoever and we feel completely unrepresented by them. We see that they are greedy and oppressive and we ask ourselves why and some people believe it’s because they are not even human. Cross that with mythology and what do you get? Some very strange and ridiculously interest ideas some people may blame Demons (also mentioned in nearly every culture and religion in the world and regularly depicted as reptilian,) some blame the Djinn (also regularly depicted as reptilian) some blame Reptilians, others blame people.

You shouldn’t rule anything out until you can prove it wrong, the simple facts appear to be that we are ruled by insanely greedy and evil beings that have very little respect for human life. They thrive on our ignorance, degrade us, demoralize us and control us and more and more people are beginning to recognize it and ask questions. Are they reptilian Shapeshifters, Demons, Djinn or just insanely greedy people or maybe even something else? I don’t know!


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