Are we about to find out the truth about Sir Edward Heath?

On the 20th of February 2017 (Yesterday) the Daily Mail printed this strange story on ex British Prime minister Edward Heath.

Group of women who say they were abused by Sir Edward Heath also claim their parents ran a satanic sex cult that was involved in SIXTEEN child murders

  • They say that the cult regularly slaughtered children as ritual sacrifices in church
  • The woman claim that the former prime minister was part of a paedophile ring
  • If the allegations are true it would make the cult the worst child murderers in British history 


A group of women who say Sir Edward Heath abused them as children have also accused their parents of being involved in up to 16 murders.

The farce came as police probe incredible claims that the former prime minister was linked to a paedophile ring that killed as many as 16 children – which would make them the worst child murderers in British history.

The seemingly far-fetched allegations have been made by a family who allege that the politician was part of a satanic sex cult run by their own parents.

They say that the cult regularly slaughtered children as ritual sacrifices in churches and forests around southern England and also participated in similar ceremonies in Africa.

They claim their mother and father – who is said to have known the former Conservative leader – were responsible for slaughtering children ranging from babies to teenagers – yet they evaded justice.

The paedophile ring – which they say Sir Edward was part of – stabbed, tortured and maimed youngsters in churches and burnt babies in satanic orgies before men, women and children gorged themselves on blood and body parts, police have been told

But there is no suggestion that Sir Edward killed any children himself in the women’s accounts

If the bizarre allegations were to be proved, the parents who allegedly led the killings would be responsible for murdering more children than Fred and Rose West.

Sir Edward’s godson, Lincoln Seligman, said: ‘I understand that these claims from the 1980s were at the time dismissed as complete fantasy by police. It is disappointing that these wild allegations have been reheated and randomly attached to Edward Heath’s name.’

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: ‘We are not prepared to discuss this as this is an on-going investigation.’

Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale claimed he was 120 per cent sure that Edward Heath was a paedophile.

He said the allegations against the late politician – which include lurid tales of satanic child slaughter – are ‘totally convincing’.

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The Sun and several other mainstream media sources also reported the story below is an account from the Sun. I have taken out parts that are mentioned above to save you from reading the same thing twice.

Mr Veale is also understood to be supporting ideas that an Establishment cover-up concealed reports of Sir Edward’s alleged crimes.

The former Tory PM, who died in 2005,  is said to have defended himself against specific allegations by saying he never drove a car – insisting a police driver always escorted him.

Detectives have since established that he did drive and had his own vehicle.

Cops have photos showing him driving and aware that he bought a Rover 2000 after being deposed by Margaret Thatcher in 1975.

Some of Sir Edward’s alleged victims have reportedly told police they went on to commit sex crimes themselves.

Operation Conifer, the investigation into the allegations, was called in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

Mr Veale is said to have come under pressure to abandon the inquiry last year after claims of a paedophile ring in Westminster involving former Home Secretary Lord Brittan and ex Defence chief Lord Bramall were apparently found to be groundless.

Speaking about the allegations specific to Sir Edward, a source told the Mail on Sunday:

“There are very close similarities in the accounts given by those who have come forward. The same names used for him, the same places and same type of incidents keep coming up.

“What stands out is that the people giving these accounts are not connected but the stories and the details dovetail.

“It contains disturbing stuff. Investigators have been shocked by what they have learned.”Another source apparently told the paper: “The police were initially sceptical about the allegations, but now believe them.

“And they have come round to the view that they were covered up in the past because of who Heath was.

“They will not be deflected by the rich and powerful trying to do the same now.

“Mike Veale is doing a great job and should be congratulated for his courage.”

Sir Edward’s sexual orientation has the been the source of some debate over the years – with some believing he was a homosexual while others thought he might be “asexual”.

At one point Sir Edward, who never married, was being investigated by five police forces over alleged child abuse – the Met, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Kent and Jersey.

Some claims against him have been proved false – such as links to an alleged brothel keeper known as Madame Ling-Ling.

A dossier of allegations compiled by Labour peer Baroness Castle claimed he offered young boys trips on his yacht.

One man claimed Sir Edward picked him up while hitchhiking in Kent as a 12-year-old and lured him to his Mayfair flat.

Labour MP Tom Watson has also said he has received allegations about Sir Edward.