Back in the days I used to take Cocaine, I never had what I thought to be a serous problem with it (it’s to expensive for that) but I did used to be quite partial to the occasional line of Coke. I haven’t taken Cocaine for years but as soon as I see somebody doing Cocaine on the TV I taste it and want it! So I must have had a worse problem than I thought I had but lucky enough for me the ridiculous high cost of buying it and having children to think about has put a halt to that pastime.

One day probably about 10 years ago I was feeling ill, I had a sore throat, blocked nose and the start of what I thought was going to be a very bad cold or flu. That was until my friend come around to my house with a fairly big bag of Cocaine. “Do you want some?” he asks, I was hesitant but easily persuaded to have some, the minute I took it I feel better as if there never anything wrong with me.

My blocked nose, sore throat, feeling tired and ill was no more in fact I felt brilliant but I feared for the next day, I thought it might catch up on me and I might wake up feeling lousy, I felt brilliant the next day. I only had one line of Coke that night and I believe it completely cured my illness, I will never know how ill exactly I would have been without taking anything but I know I felt rotten before taking it.

I’m not saying take Cocaine because it is highly addictive and expensive and like any addiction it can ruin for life. I often wonder how dangerous Cocaine really is and could it or should it be used as a drug to at least soothe certain conditions?

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