A couple of days ago I was looking for some PlayStation 3 games for my children, something to keep them busy in the holiday. After searching on Amazon I did not find a lot that was suitable, I tried Little Big Planet 2 and the kids are interested but even that can be awkward (my youngest is only 3.)

I decide to search PlayStation Store for a new Sonic the Hedgehog game, most of these games were expensive until I notice the classic Sonic Games from the Sega Megadrive, I end up buying Sonic CD (a Mega CD version of Sonic) for £3.59, I also buy a Mickey Mouse game called Mickey’s Wild Adventure for £1.69. These games maybe not look as good as modern games but modern games can be complicated especially for kids.

My kids love the Sonic CD game and have probably already had their £3.59 worth of fun on it. I notice that Final Fight is also on Playstation Store and it’s only £7.99 plus you get another Arcade classic called the Magic Sword (my son loves this!) I download them both and will now probably spend much of the day reliving my youth playing Arcade Games that would have cost between £40 and £50 each when I was young.

These games have stood the test of time better than I imagined they would, Final Fight is brilliant (if you like arcade beat em ups) I also notice Altered Beast is only £3.69 as well the Ultimate Doom collection which is £7.99.

My Top Ten Retro Games

10. Mortal Kombat Blood and Violence.



9. Wrestlefest, I used to love this.

8. The Magic Sword. Very Playable and Very 90s 

7. Street Fighter 2. The king of arcade beat em ups through the early 90s.

6. Altered Beast, I have not got round to downloading this yet but this used to be so fuckin cool.

5. Any old Sonic game is good with me and kids love it.

4. Eternal Champions, so under rated and under appreciated.

3. N64 Golden Eye is might be dated now but it was a very good game. 

2. Doom. I wasted much of my youth on this.

1. Final Fight. Probably not everyones first choice but just looking at the game reminds me of wasting too much money in arcades in the 90s.

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