The Great big British rip off.

Great Britain is a country that brags, we brag because of our NHS, free education system, benefits system, democracy, freedom and high living standards. We are constantly told at school about our freedoms and how fortunate we are compared to the rest of the world to have such freedoms. I don’t see Great Britain like that I see Great Britain and particularly the Great British establishment as overgrown parasites.

Our MPs are overpaid puppets that claim more on their expenses per year than most people earn per year, they cover up their actions through Internet censorship, infiltrating the police and media control and they rip people off through the ridiculous HM Revenue and Customs.

Great Britain extorts the working classes with high tax rates and a complicated tax system, we pay income tax, VAT, National Insurance, Council tax and an endless list of other taxes yet our NHS is understaffed, underfunded and a poor service. Our cities are full of homeless people these people are not helped but are in fact harassed by the police. What is the point of a “system” that extorts its public if the system completely fails to help the people that need it the most?

Our education system creates empty minded, self obsessed people that are indoctrinated not taught. Considering the high tax rates we pay our services are nearly always underfunded and dated, why? Maybe because instead of spending our taxes on public services they choose to spend them on expensive, cruel and pointless wars.

Or maybe its because we allow our politicians that have been known to spend thousands of pounds on their expenses on house repairs and maintenance and expensive meals (Iain Duncan Smith claimed £79 for a breakfast yet he claimed he could have lived on the £53 per week or £7.53 per day the benefit system offers, he ignored a petition that was signed by nearly 500000 people to prove it.) One politician even claimed for a fucking duck house in his garden FFS.

We allow our politicians and police to arrest and even imprison cannabis users, sellers, growers and other so called petty criminals but our politicians, Lords and aristocrats are allowed to get away with robbery, organized paedophile rings, blatant lying and even murder.

We preach the importance of freedom while oppressing and censoring the inconvenient truth, the British media is a joke we read biased, government approved propaganda that completely fails to keep the British people up to date with real issues and fills its pages with celebrity gossip to do so.

The British mentality disturbs me we are nation of snobs that have been brainwashed into believing we are morally superior to the rest of the world, I’m starting to believe the exact opposite.

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