When I watch the news especially the alternative media I can not help but notice the constant use of the word lefties or leftists when describing the Trump protesters or even certain sections of the mainstream media. The usage of this word bothers me some people are even describing Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama as lefties or leftists!¬†Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are not lefties, leftists or left wing the left wing is about fighting the establishment, the corporations, aristocrats and bankers I didn’t see Obama do any of those thing during in presidency, the only people he fought was Libyans and Syrians!

These so called “left wing” Clinton supporters cannot be real left wingers because real left wingers fight for equality, welfare and human rights. Jeremy Corbyn is considered a left wing extremist by most of the “left wing” media in the UK but is Jeremy Corbyn far left? Or has Britain become so right wing in nature since the 60s that moderate left wingers like Jeremy Corbyn now appear to be extreme lefties to the average Brit?

I consider myself to be a left winger, I consider Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama to be lying, corrupt puppets of the right wing. The real left wing is nearly dead in mainstream politics and when somebody (like Jeremy Corbyn) do express left wing opinions and ideas they are dismissed as lunatics or not a realistic option.

These Clinton supporters and Trump protesters seem to believe they are fighting for equality and justice but they’re not! If they were they would not have been Clinton supporters in the first place.

The media (especially the alternative media) are presenting these people as¬†lefties but they are not lefties. Most of these people are just ignorant if they were fighting against the corrupt oppressive political system and the lobby masters that control it I would support them all the way but if they believe that Hillary Clinton is any better than Donald Trump they’re wrong, she is worse or at least as bad.