Disillusion’s of a British carer.

I am regularly accused of being lazy! These accusations are based on the fact I do not work a standard job, I blog and make videos for a living. Google have refused to pay me for my video views (despite ads on them  and Google acknowledging they owed over $10000 over three years ago!)

Because I have not been paid I have been accused of scrounging from the system, the person that makes these accusations is a carer for a caring company based local to me. Unlike me this person (in her 30s) and has only worked one year of her life, I have worked on the building trade for well over ten years for numerous companies and builders and got ripped off numerous times.

I also just happen to know that by this person separating herself from her children and running around like a blue bottomed fly for a caring company she only ends up about £130 per month better off! This is due to the fact she loses housing benefit, out of work benefit, child tax credits are cut and she is now responsible for paying her own council tax, about £120 a month and so on. So whats the point in working?

She runs around like a blue bottomed fly just so she can sit on her high horse and turn her nose up to what she obviously believes are the parasites of our society.

She claims that helping the elderly people is her main motivation to work! If that’s true she should go and find elderly people that cannot afford caring companies high rates, I would say.

In this womans “will to help” the only people she ends up helping is her bosses make money. The only thing she helps her elderly patients do is spend a load of cash on a piss poor service.

“Some get it paid for by the government” she insists, so the government pay her wages? Except the government have no money so the people pay her wages, do you believe that most people would be satisfied if they were to the witness the poor service these businesses provide to the elderly for a extortionate high cost?

I respect the fact that you want to work and you are free to do so but don’t think for one minute that makes you any less of a parasite than someone claiming £50 per week from the benefits system.


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