I have always considered myself to be a lucky person, I didn’t have a perfect childhood or a perfect life but I did have many people that cared for me and loved me. My parents were poor for most of my childhood until I got to about 16 by then they had made a lot of money running a business from home by the time I was 24 they lost it.

But fuck money, I had loads of friends and family, the money my parents made was a bonus….I was lucky and felt that way until recently. Some of my family have passed away others have drifted away but I had my own family to think about now.

I have since split up with my girlfriend she claims that I mentally abused her and my mental abuse was worse than past physically abuse she suffered from her violent ex! Her kids from a previous relationship also hate me.

I am the first to admit that I can be very harsh with my words when I am not respected and dismissed as a paranoid conspiracy kook. I can be as dismissive and harsh as anyone and call names as good as anyone. I am also the first to admit I am not very good at handling fake selfish teenagers that have everything but still genuinely believe they are hard done to. They spend their lives staring at social media on their mobile phones, kissing teachers asses, friends asses and constantly sitting on their asses gossiping about meaningless shit not contributing shit and still expect to be waited on.

I do not ask anybody to share my beliefs all I ask is that you respect my beliefs.

Since I have woke up I seem to have offended or lost nearly everybody close to me, this used to bother me and upset me but I have come to the realization that you really do only have a small group of real friends, life filters out the fake ones.

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