When most people look at politicians, senior police figures, Lords, the aristocracy, the monarchy and the rich in general they see respectable people, I see corrupt greedy people, the true evil of the world! Most people fail to recognize this because most people are too busy looking at the nice suits they are wearing and listening to their proper way of talking.

Behind those nice suits and posh accents lies real ignorance and in some cases real evil!

Most peoples perception of evil has been distorted when most people think of evil in the modern world they think of terrorists in deserts, serial killers and convicted rapists, they see the obvious.

Psychopaths and Sociopaths tend to seek power and therefore they look for jobs that give them power, jobs like police and politicians are perfect jobs for power hungry psychopaths and sociopaths.

I’m not saying all politicians and police are psychopaths some politicians may genuinely want to change the world for the better unfortunately these people don’t seem to get far, British politics feeds from and rewards corruption. Straight talking, honest politicians that do not dance to the tune of the establishment do not usually fair so well in British politics.

Same with the police some police officers do have a genuine will to help people but many are sociopathic in nature and simply enjoy the power they have over people.

Much like a politician hiding behind his suit and high position police can easily hide behind their uniform.

Not all psychopaths are politicians and police officers and not all police officers and politicians are psychopaths but many are and many are also good at disguising what they are, these are the people we should beware of.

Nearly all Psychopaths and Sociopaths wear masks unfortunately most do not wear intermediating scary masks that makes us run the opposite way, most wear nice friendly looking masks and hide behind a false persona, this makes them approachable and sometimes even perceived as respectable and decent.

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