We live in a strange society everybody is in a rush all the time but nobody ever seems to get anywhere. Rushing to take the kids to school, get to work, pick the kids up do their food get them to bed and then tomorrow they do it again!

If we ask people why do they act in this way some might answer “because of my kids” but I ask is it really because of the kids? The reason I ask is because rushing around like this can sometimes mean that you are usually to busy for your children. And because of this many people end up ignoring their children, how does ignoring your children help your children?

People look at me like I am mad when I suggest that there is another way! Unfortunately these people tend to be so one dimensional with the way they think that not running around like Sonic the Hedgehog on speed seems like a completely alien idea to them.

Even worse is when they are not at work they are staring at their phones again completely oblivious to their children or indeed the rest of surroundings. Granted your kids will probably grow up to be ungrateful shits that hate your guts but you bought them into the world so you owe them attention and affection.

The real reason some people fill their lives with work, phones and social media is quite simple, its boredom. I believe that some people have such weak and empty minds that their own minds actually bore the fuck out of them because of this these people are more than happy to allow work and fake friendships kept alive via social media to take over their lives and minds.

They claim to be facing the real world when people like me are living a life of fantasy and lunacy but are they really facing the real world? Considering the only thing that makes money real is our belief in it you could argue that the world of money is the real fantasy world. It’s distracting people from atrocities, they real world is children starving to death, being exploited and oppressed for you to live in your fake “real world.”

Respect to this day care center in Texas for pointed out the truth.
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