The world seems to struggle with balance, global wealth distribution is ridiculous and unfair and lifestyles of people usually depend on where that person was born. Many children have hard lives, they are exploited by corporations who like parasites feed on their desperation and basic needs. These children work and live in conditions that most people in our country could not image, some children are not even fortunate enough for that.

Some children (thousands everyday) literally starve to death or die of lack of clean drinking water.

That is why I find it hard to sympathize with the average British youngster, I know their are children in Britain that are unfortunate but some are not! I believe that we are creating a generation of mollycoddled, spoiled brats that don’t even know they are born.

We believe that this is helping our children but I don’t think it is, in fact we are turning them in to selfish individuals with very little or no morals. We are also making them weak minded and codependent.

The strange thing is the parents attempts to make their kids happy by spoiling them is eventually and inevitable going to lead to sadness and loneliness as well as a feeling of self importance and expected privilege.

Thats why when you look at these posh kids being chauffeured to school in their parents BMW, wearing their £100 Nike trainers and posh school bag holding their new i phone don’t get pissed off or bitter because these things usually come with a price in this case that price is your character, strength of mind and personalty. They have been transformed into a spoiled, over privileged, weak minded WhiteBoy or WhiteGirl and nobody likes a spoiled, over privileged, weak minded WhiteBoy or WhiteGirl.



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