We are all in prison but only some of us recognize it.

I was once a product of the “weak performing” education system, I sallowed all their lies about freedom, human rights and respect for each other and I believed that was what Britain stood for. So to call somebody stupid for not noticing something that took me over 25 years to see is harsh and unfair. I don’t believe people are stupid for not seeing the way the world really works but I do believe they are stupid for not wanting to know the way the real world works.

Some people like prison others hate it, just because one person might like prison does not mean that they are free because freedom and happiness are not necessarily the same thing.

In other words you maybe happy and ignorance may contribute to your happiness but your freedom is an illusion. Most people live life without pushing the boundaries of freedom for these people the illusion of freedom never dies.

For those that push the boundaries of freedom by exercising the right to criticize the establishment, media and government it does not usually take long before we notice the oppression of our voice. I have been locked out of Facebook accounts, had Facebook accounts disabled and censored from YouTube numerous times. Google are refusing to pay me the 80000 USD dollars my 18 million views should have earned in advertising revenue because they can not feed the war against themselves and others like them.

I have also noticed that some speech is freer than other speech, for example attacks on Islam and criticism of Islam is “acceptable” but as soon as somebody attacks or criticizes Judaism or even Zionism they are extreme or anti semitic! The media can criticize people on welfare and benefits but anybody question the government or the system they’re dismissed as lunatics.

I believe we should have the right to criticize any religion, organization or individual. I went to a Catholic school but I do not for one minute get offended to hear criticism of the Catholic religion. In fact I acknowledge its a farce! I believe in God I do not for one minute believe in any religious organization, they manipulate, create hate and program and oppress the truth instead of embracing and facing it.

Its not that I hate religion because the fundamentals of most religions are the same and undeniable correct, the trouble with religion is one line from the Bible or Quran can be easily over used to promote hate and the rest of the book gets ignored. Like Shakespeare said “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose” this happens a lot.


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