1.6 million people have now signed a petition in support of scrapping or downgrading the invitation Donald Trump was sent to visit the United Kingdom! Its good to see so many people in Britain getting politically active and involved because most the time they just ignore everything and watch Eastenders or something as bad, the trouble is we are ignoring our own governments corruption, racism, oppression and greed and pointing our fingers at another countries government.

I’m no fan of Trump but would these people have been protesting if Hillary Clinton would have won? But realistically what difference does it make who wins? These people are protesting a ban on Muslim entrance to the USA but at the same time Britain also suffers from racism. The Daily Mail (compared refugees to rats), The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Star and much more of our media is consistently racist.

Our politicians are not only racist but snobs and reading about the shit they get up to and cover up is as disturbing as anything Donald Trump could be doing.

I think Britain should mind its own in this case when you are there protesting about Donald Trump are you remembering the fact that NOBODY voted for British Prime Minister Theresa May?

The United Kingdom and our government is over flowing with corruption, Tony Blair committed war crimes as did David Cameron and Margret Thatcher.

Most of our MPs were involved in the MPs expenses scandal some over-claimed thousands, most went completely unpunished yet our youth were subject to harsh prison sentences when the nationwide riots took place. Our MPs vote laws that block investigations into themselves of an alleged paedophile ring operating within Parliament, people involved in covering up the case include Theresa May, David Cameron, William Hague and many an endless list of others.

So I think its brilliant that Brits are getting more politically active and involved now you just have to aim your anger in the right direction and something within your control; Your own government!

I find it shameful that Brits can sit on our moral high hoarse with our “superior wisdom” when our own government is so RIDICULOUSLY corrupt. We got a Conservative government run by hypocritical, self righteous, racist, snobs. That is actually a pretty good representation for us because that is how we are acting.

I don’t even like Trump I just don’t dislike him anymore than I dislike Boris Johnson or Theresa May. For the Brits that claim Trump is un-progressive we still got Kings, Queens and Princesses FFS “derrrr but the newspapers said they’re nice.”

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