Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Theresa May, Tony Blair, David Cameron they are all liars, they are all war mongers, they are all corrupt, they are all obedient to Israel and they are all controlled by money so why have people waited until know to protest? Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims is disgraceful they answer, really?

What about George Bush’s and Tony Blair’s oil wars in Iraq? Some reports are claiming over one million Iraqis died because of that conflict. Or David Cameron”s and Barrack Obama’s invasion of Syria and funding and founding of ISIS? If Donald Trump’s sexist comments offend you wait till you hear the rest of whats been going on!

Women that have never shown any interest in politics are suddenly deeply outraged by Donald Trump’s political beliefs and controversial comments towards women. Madonna said she had even considered blowing up the White House as she and a huge list of celebrities claim Donald Trump has no respect towards women. It might be true but women like Madonna are not the most respectable women, they have made a career from being disrespectful whores yet when they are treated with disrespect they scream sexism?

Donald Trump (who I don’t trust one bit but I don’t trust Hillary Clinton either) said “women will let you grab them by the pussy (if you are rich)” and you are outraged? I think whats sad is in our there is definitely truth to what Donald Trump said, look at what Madonna, Hollywood Stars and other Musicians do for money, look at what we all do for money, money is God and thats the problem.

I believe society degrades both genders, it puts pressure on the male to out work and earn for his family at the same time high earning skilled jobs are hard to find leaving the vast majority in dead end jobs that nobody wants earning just enough to survive and be broke at the end of every holiday.

Women have it even worse, “find a rich man with a nice house” is advice women hear too much, it literally creates a prostitute mentality.

We also suffer from a narcissistic society of people that are willingly ignorant of facts. Ignorance is a choice unfortunately it’s a choice that too many people accept. Ignorance is now the norm as is narcissism, self obsession and the love of money. Its important to remember that money is only valuable or worth anything to us because we believe it to be valuable, money is the biggest illusion in the world yet our whole world is controlled by it!


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