I have been protesting about government policies for many years in the form of blogs and YouTube videos. I have spent months at a time researching politics and I believe we should all have the right to protest, I sympathized massively with the rioters during the UK riots a few years ago in fact sympathized is the wrong word I felt their frustration.

In other words I believe in the right to protest so these Trump protesters should be allowed to carry on freely if they wish.

But I cannot help but ask myself why are they protesting? Especially in London have you seen your own government? I wonder how many of these protesters where calling rioters scum through the UK Riots? I’m not saying I like Donald Trump but I like him a lot more than I like Obama and Hillary Clinton. Somehow everybody seems to have forgotten that Barrack Obama was a liar, he was all talk and show and no action. He pledged to stop the Bush wars and to take on the bankers he did neither

“Trump has no respect for women” the Trump protesters might say, what about Bill Clinton’s respect for women? He is famous for sex scandals and even accusations of sexual assault.

Trump has not proved himself to be a liar yet. Bill Clinton was and is sex obsessed liar, Hillary Clinton is a war monger and George Bush was moronic, so why have so many people decided to protest now?

“Trump is a racist” the Trump protesters might answer, but so is Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and George Bush! Don’t believe me look at their records. They have all fought unnecessary, expensive wars or in Hillary Clinton’s case voted in favour of them or promoted them consistently. These wars lead to the deaths of millions of people but that didn’t matter because they was not Americans, that is racism. Obama’s government uses drones FFS, when Trump starts actions like that or starts he acting as another puppet to bankers, corporations or even Israel I will be joining the protesters, until than I’m neutral on Trump.

I’m not saying people should just forget about Trump and let him be, I’m just saying he should be given a chance because he won, if Clinton won and Trump protesters were rioting I am pretty sure that the media would be condemning their actions. Instead the mainstream media (who regularly completely ignore protests all over the UK) have decided to report these protests heavily and positively the BBC said that Trump had united women in USA against him click text to read!

Unfortunately I believe many of these protesters are people that have simply read newspapers headlines like “Trump is racist” or “Trump hates women” and they believe it. If the corporate media hate him so much (which they seem to) he must be doing something right.