Cymothoa exigua is a tongue eating parasite that attacks fish, Google is its human equivalent.

I cannot stand Google! I hate their hate of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom in general. I hate the fact that the real alternative media is being killed off and replaced by the corporate “alternative media” which is misinformation, scaremongering and set up to make real truthers look extreme.

I believe any organization that attempts to manipulate and control what you read and watch is dangerous. When huge corporations like Google are censoring the web, removing videos, hiding videos and muting videos what they are actually doing is destroying peoples work and silencing the masses! When huge corporations like Google refuse to pay YouTubers and bloggers a fair rate whiles making billions and still avoid paying tax they become parasitic.

I think of Google like this; They have never had an original or good idea, NEVER, they have got where they are at by stealing other peoples ideas. Think about it, YouTube was not Google, Blogger was not Google, Android was not Google the only shit the ugly inbreed freaks at Google thought of was the terrible and pointless Google Plus. They have grown and turned in to a giant parasite by stealing ideas and financial rewards for other peoples work.

My old videos (some have been on YouTube for six years) are now (just started this year) being muted as the businesses (Warner Music Group, Sony, Freemantle, News Corporation, BBC) that claimed ownership of my videos due to the background music (or sometimes even fair use clips) have now decided instead of profiting from my videos they are going to mute my videos to prevent you from hearing the background music or anything else in the video.

Google is now a giant, greedy parasite consuming everything they can get their disgusting, slimy reptilian hands on and contributing nothing towards the tax system. These parasites should be highly taxed to prevent them from becoming even bigger than what they are because if they get much bigger they might end up eating all of our tongues, then we will have no choice but to be silent.

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