1. Cannabis is just a herb!

2. By making it illegal millions of people (many of them young) in the UK are subject to police harassment, victimization and even prison!

3. How much time and money is wasted by the police chasing Cannabis?

4. Chocolate, sweets, artificial flavours, sweeteners, fast food are causing much more death and illness than Cannabis.

5. Alcohol is also causing much more death and illness than Cannabis.

6. Alcohol makes you stupid and incapable of thinking or even walking and speaking, Cannabis makes you think.

7. Cannabis encourages and assists creativity.

8. (According to many users and reports) Cannabis can help with many medical conditions including Cancer, Insomnia, Arthritis, lack of appetite and much more.

9. FREEDOM.. It should be our choice what we do with our bodies. If men can turn themselves to women and women to men. And women can wedge silicon into their asses, lips or tits as well as abort unwanted babies conceived on drunken nights out, then why can’t I smoke a fucking spliff?

10. Cannabis has a ZERO death rate! Unlike alcohol, fast food and artificial flavours.

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