When we watch the “news” or read the “newspapers” most people accept what they read without any question. But when we watch and read the news what is it? Most of it is either opinions of the journalist or the corporation that own the company. The mainstream media also pass us the opinions of ex or current politicians, actors, musicians and any celebrity as long as what that person says is in line of what they want you to think.

For example how often do we read articles like; Tony Blair said so and so, Ed Miliband backs Owen Smith, Michael Caine said back the Tories, Miley Cyrus backs Clinton…Who gives a fuck what anybody said or who they support? Would it be the news if I reported Dave from the pub said Tony Blair’s a terrorist? Or Barry said Michael Caine is just a rich old man that has been reduced to constantly acting as a old smart arse in movies that sound like they are made for kids but they are actually watched by adults and he wants to keep his fortune.

These actors, politicians or whoever usually have their own personal interest at heart or even worse somebody else’s. The elite speak to us from every possible angle they can, they use their racist mainstream media to promote their wars and agendas as well as the puppets they own! They own actors, musicians, newspapers, journalists and almost anyone with real power or influence.

They use these puppets to control the way we think and influence our behavior, I believe that they are intentionally demoralizing us as well as dumbing dumb the masses.

If you simply ignore the bullshit they spew at us, sport, TV, celebrity gossip, racist propaganda, corporate media, fashion trends, mainstream everything and actually look at the world and take note and listen to the people (that are being highly censored and oppressed at the moment) and look how people are being treated you would have taken your first step in waking up.

Suddenly the things you thought were essential (work, money, fashion) become small and meaningless. I’m not saying I can live without money because we all need money just to eat and drink but how much do we need? How much we need usually depends on how much we have, (I’m broke) but if I had £30000 given to me today what would I do? I could put a deposit on a house but then I would need to keep up the payments of the mortgage. I would need another £70000 to finish paying for the house. (I don’t drive) But some people might buy a new car but like an house a car cost money to run and maintain.

New clothes, nights out, drugs, gambling, alcohol the system is all set up to make it as hard as possible to escape the rat race, the news is to tell you what they want you to know and think.

We live in a strange age, many people acknowledge that they do not trust the mainstream media but at the same time many people seem to have difficulties putting the lack of trust we have in our mainstream media in to practice. I don’t even trust a lot of the “alternative media” the way I see it is if the elite don’t want you to be heard you are going to struggle to be heard.

I believe their was a period (mostly thanks to YouTube and Facebook) that they lost control and what we are seeing now is the corporate media attacking Internet bloggers and the real alternative media in a desperate attempt to destroy…May they fail miserably.

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