I have just started a brand new Facebook page! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW FACEBOOK PAGE or to Friend me click here  

This is at least the forth time I have started a Facebook page due to my other pages being highly censored, removed or access is denied to me (they ask for photo I.D I don’t have any, I even sent Facebook bank statements and utility bills but apparently that does not prove my identity.) The page still actually exists but I can not access it.

I was on Instagram but Instagram which is of course owned by Facebook have decided I am not allowed to use that service anymore either! Apparently I failed to obey their terms and conditions, I still have no idea how.

Facebook have obviously decided they are sick of me and they are sick of the truth. Facebook should be used for sharing sellfies and saying happy birthday not sharing ideas! Facebook is no place for the truth.

I don’t particularly give a fuck about Facebook, Instagram or any of the others but the fact they go through so much effort to keep me from using it makes me want to be a inconvenience to them and use  it more. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND LIKE MY BRAND NEW FACEBOOK PAGE AND PLEASE SHARE 

How long before they ban me again???

They ask me stupid questions like the ones below.


Facebook Comments
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