The steps that Google are using on YouTube to conceal the truth are becoming more and more extreme by the month. YouTube have attacked my channel in multiple ways over the years. I have yet to be paid for videos dating back from 2010, 18 million views on full length documentaries has still paid me NOTHING (about £200 2010 to 2014 pay zero and false claims and my choice of music has lead to my videos being monetized by the music owners Sony in most cases. Fair use has also been a issue) Google started by financially starving the truth, fortunately for me the less I make in revenue the less tax I pay and I get topped up with in work benefits as I am self employed so fuck you Google!

In the meantime my Facebook page that had thousands of likes was almost completely hidden. If you run a Facebook page it shows how many people your post reached my page was reaching as many as 100000 people per post when I started on Facebook by the time I closed my page a post was struggling to reach 10 people!

This year Google have begun to punish for uploading to YouTube! Everytime I upload I instantly lose 10, 20 30 as many 50 subscribers! And the view count barely moves. I have 26000 subscribers on YouTube and a new video would literally get thousands of views in the first couple of days when I started and had less than 1000 subscribers now a video can struggle to get 100 views in weeks.. Just lately YouTube is as useless as Facebook.

Extremism, Fake News, Radicalization are just a few excuses used to justify Google, Facebook and other Internet giants that have huge unfair monopolies controlling the flow of information but these attacks on freedom are now so extreme and blatant it is starting to become obvious the establishment are scared of something.

YouTube promote BULLSHIT propaganda like Info Wars and the disgusting, Pizzagate defending and dismissing fake news called The Young Turks (sell out shit) but attack the REAL alternative media which is REAL people talking about issues that are important to themselves and people around them. Its up to you as the people to recognize the bullshit propaganda not just used by our mainstream media but also on YouTube which YouTube promote.

I would love to quit YouTube and find a decent alternative but there is not one yet and alternatives that have seemed promising in the past (like blip TV, videoweed, megavideo and many others I have tried more than I can remember) either remove videos and close accounts (like YouTube), the site gets taken down or they are slow and sometimes full of irritating ads. Quitting YouTube would be like censoring myself.

Instagram banned me a couple of days ago, when I attempt to sign in to Instagram (a shit website that I used purely to promote my website) I am now inform my account has been closed due to me failing to comply to their terms and conditions! I don’t know what exactly I did wrong (tell the truth probably) but fuck Instagram anyway its shit.

They want us to quit and shut up so we should now work harder and carry on regardless, let their censorship and panicked, unthought out actions expose themselves.



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