The Mandela effect is a situation where a number of people claim to share memories of events which differ from the available evidence of those events. The term was coined by paranormal enthusiast Fiona Broome, who says she and other people remember Nelson Mandela dying in the 1980s in prison, rather than in 2013 from an illness.

Proponents of the “Mandela Effect” cite this, and some of the other confabulations, as being parts of a single phenomenon which they relate to multiverse theories such as the many-worlds interpretation rather than to individual failures of reading or memory.

At first its easy to dismiss “the Mandela effect” as peoples memories playing tricks on them, thats what I thought and maybe it is. If it is peoples memories playing tricks and deceiving people, I am one of those people! I actually suffer from the Mandela effect!


Thousands of people including me remember Mickey Mouse wearing braces but Mickey Mouse never did where braces!

Febreze only has one E and has only ever had one E?

Looney Toons never existed, It was in fact Looney Tunes!

Did Subway always have an arrow on the letter S?



When did that dot appear next to the A in Coca Cola? 

  The U.S. Dime Eisenhower Or Roosevelt ? I am not American therefore I cannot comment on this one but there are a few YouTube videos claiming that the U.S dime had Eisenhower’s face but now has Roosevelt. 

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